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Platform Basics: What You Need To Know To Make The Most Out Of Landing

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The Landing platform can do more than ever before to help boost your retail business. No matter your stage or size, there’s a tool to help you take your business to the next level. Here’s a look at all the features you could be using to improve your results.

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Product Sourcing & Retailer Discovery:

Retailers can explore new brands on Landing Marketplace, a shoppable catalog of thousands of products. Plus, brands have the opportunity to get discovered by retail buyers interested in their products. 

Retailer Profiles:

When retailers create a profile on the Landing platform, brands can discover new potential partners to build a target pitch list. 

Order Management:

When retailers place orders directly through the Landing platform, both brands and retailers can manage the complete fulfillment process in one place–updating shipping status, communicating order changes, tracking payments and more. 

Clean PreCheck*:

Landing’s new Clean PreCheck tool automatically analyzes product ingredients against retailer clean standards so both brands and retailers can see which partners are a match.  

Buyer-Brand Messaging*:

Buyers and brands can connect directly to introduce themselves, pitch their products and services and get the partnership conversation started! (Coming Soon)

Training Pages*:

Our training tool makes it easy for brands to create, edit and send training pages to retailer sales associates in minutes via a simple link, saving both brands and retailers time. 

Inventory Management*:

Brands can track their inventory levels right on the Landing platform to improve forecasting and ensure on-time order fulfillment. 

*Premium Subscriptions Only

Ready to upgrade to premium? Get in touch with our team to unlock all the features and benefits.


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