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Sales solutions for today’s retail challenges.

We’re here for the growth and positivity we can bring to the space with solutions that help brands, retailers, and customers do more, enjoy more, and grow more. 

Sales Solutions
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We help brands

We help brands.

We help innovative beauty brands land in customers’ carts.
As the most awarded B2B beauty platform in the world, we use our exclusive technology to empower beauty advisors to sell through and sell up. We also put our unparalleled industry knowledge to work in order to position brands for success.
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We help retailers.

Want to grow? You’re speaking our language.

BeautyFluent puts product benefits, ingredients, instructions, and more right at advisors’ fingertips to streamline the sales process and increase sales. We also provide digital training, connect retailers with brands destined to make it big, and offer unmatched industry expertise.

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We help customers.

The beauty of Landing?

We unite customers with the right products from the right brand at the right time with the one tool that responds instantly to their needs. 

Grow at a fraction of the cost.

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BeautyFluent app speaks volumes about brands’ benefits with scan and search features that put education and selling power where it matters most: on the sales floor.

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Access a team of beauty brand experts with nearly a decade of industry experience in U.S. and international markets.

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Lean into our expertise as we optimize market fit, creating brand/retailer relationships, highlight your brand, provide ingredient information, and more.

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Instant gratification has never been more gratifying. Gain instant insights with in-store customer response and feedback with exclusive analytics.

Discover what the #1 beauty retail solution can do for you.

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