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Meet the proven B2B beauty platform.

You’re here to grow and thrive. We’re here to help make it possible. Whether you’re an indie beauty brand, a startup skincare line, or an established cosmetic powerhouse, we help innovative beauty brands of all sizes win the retail game.

Meet The Platform
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Your sales cheat code.

Want to attract new customers and grow sales? You’ve landed in the right spot.

As the the only proven B2B cosmetics platform, we offer a powerful trifecta of technology, exposure, and experience to help you get discovered, boost sell-through, and scale. 

BeautyFluent App: the international language of success.

We’re fluent in growing beauty brands with BeautyFluent, the only mobile tool that uses barcode scanning and search technology to put product information (literally) in beauty advisors’ hands.

Brand Showcase: you’re ready for your closeup.

We’ll help you position your brand with a custom brand assessment that encompasses retailer fit, social media opportunities, and areas of improvement. We also put you in the limelight with marketing promotions and catalog placement. 

Get in front of 100+ beauty buyers

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Build your customized catalog and marketplace listing

Enjoy the spotlight in retailer pitches

Brand Showcase

Pre-qualify for retailers’ clean standards

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Create pro-selling tips, cross-selling opportunities, and demo how-tos

Professional Consultation: with, for, and by industry experts.

Professional Consultation

Landing International is the only B2B beauty retail platform created by beauty experts. We offer unparalleled access to beauty brand experts with decades of experience launching beauty brands. With exclusive access to promotional opportunities, support, and more, we’ll help you land and expand in retail more easily than ever before.

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Enjoy access to our prestige brand, spa, fashion, eCommerce, and subscription box retailer clients

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Get one-on-one consultations to optimize your retail pitch and offerings

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Receive dedicated customer support to set up your listing on the marketplace

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Count on field support from the team, including beauty advisor training

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Be featured in bi-weekly spotlight email to current and potential retail partners

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Rely on our experience in U.S. and international markets

We play nice with others.

We integrate with ClearForMe to see how you stack up against other brands and pre-qualify your brand with clean beauty retailers. We also integrate with POS systems for data and analytics.
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