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Become a BeautyFluent Retail Partner

Empower beauty advisors. Improve customer experience. Increase sales. 


What is BeautyFluent? 

A first-of-its-kind digital education app that gives retail beauty advisors the tools to sell better. 


How it Works 

BeautyFluent makes it easy for beauty advisors to educate customers on the sales floor

  • Barcode Scanning: Pull up any product training sheet instantly 
  • Dupe Recommendations: Save the sale with alternatives that are available in your stores
  • Advanced Search: Explore products by name, brand, feature, ingredients and more
  • Videos & Quick Tips: Learn by watching brand videos or exploring demo tips to make the sale



Why Join? 

  • Higher Sales: By helping beauty advisors make the sale, BeautyFluent boosts the performance of all participating brands and the stores where they’re sold. 
  • Better Customer Experience: BeautyFluent helps associates guide customers and make better recommendations. 
  • Valuable In-Store Data: Get access to critical in-store data so you can see how products and searches are trending across locations. 
  • 100% Free for Retailers: Ready to become a BeautyFluent retail partner? Join with zero cost to you. 

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  1. Where is BeautyFluent available? BeautyFluent can be used as a resource on store iPads or downloaded by beauty advisors onto mobile phones.
  2. Who pays for use of the app? Brands pay an annual subscription to have their products viewable on the app. Compared to the costs of in-store training programs, our annual subscription saves brands thousands of dollars every year.
  3. Does BeautyFluent replace beauty advisors or training staff? Absolutely not! BeautyFluent was designed by industry experts to make education easier for trainers and store staff–putting valuable information and sales pointers at their fingertips when they need it most.
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