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How to Create a Better Brand Message

Does your brand stand out from the pack? Crafting your brand message is no small task: with thousands of beauty brands on the market, it might feel like it’s all been said before. Here’s how to set yourself apart. 


Center Your Values: Is your brand committed to diversity? Going above and beyond in sustainability? Dedicated to gender equality? Whatever your values, make sure that beauty advisors and customers know what you stand for. 


Communicate Your Vision: What change do you hope to create in the world? Today’s customers don’t just want to support another money-grabbing corporation. Tell them how you hope to shape the future – and why your vision is the one they should invest in. 


Highlight Your Reasons to Believe: At the end of the day, customers are going home with your products. Why are they better than the rest? Maybe your formulas are backed by the expertise of a respected pro. Maybe you’ve worked with the best scientists in the country. Maybe your collection was designed to solve a specific problem your founder faced. Make sure your customers understand what sets your assortment apart. 


Let Your Packaging Work For You: It can be hard to communicate everything you need to say in the retail environment. Make sure your packaging communicates some of the points mentioned above so customers can learn about you while browsing the shelves. 


Still have more to say? BeautyFluent can help. Our training app puts your brand values front and center with the beauty advisors that speak to customers every day on the sales floor. Not already a BeautyFluent subscriber? Get in touch with our team to learn how to start using our app. 

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