How to Create a Compelling Brand Video

How to Create a Compelling Brand Video

Did you know that most beauty advisors like learning about new products and brands by watching videos? But with entertaining TikTok and Instagram content at their fingertips, a boring brand video isn’t going to cut it. Here are a few best practices to help you create better videos to upload to your brand profile on the BeautyFluent app. 


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Let Your Founder Speak: Make a personal connection! Beauty advisors are more likely to connect with your brand if they fall in love with your founder and their reason for starting the brand in the first place.  


Share Your Mission: Both customers and beauty advisors are looking for brands that stand for something.  Whether your brand is vegan, minority-owned, or committed to championing a specific cause, centering your values in your brand video will help beauty advisors direct customers to your brand. 


Talk Directly to BAs: Beauty advisors can tell in seconds if your brand video was recycled from another campaign. Instead of uploading a generic brand video to BeautyFluent, create a new one where you speak directly to BAs, recognize them for their hard work, and motivate them to advocate for your brand on the sales floor. 


Highlight One Product: What’s the one hero product you want BAs to remember from your brand? Quickly highlight it in your brand video so they start to associate you with your bestseller. If a customer comes in asking about your brand, beauty advisors will remember that hero product. 

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