How to use Landing Marketplace

How to use Landing Marketplace

Expand Your Retail Footprint with Landing Marketplace

Hoping to break into more doors? You’ve come to the right place. Follow these easy steps to maximize your Landing subscription and get discovered by leading beauty retail buyers. 


1) Publish Your Product Catalog So Buyers Can Discover Your Brand 

Add your entire collection to Landing Marketplace so retail buyers can easily discover your brand. By browsing product values and curations, buyers can learn more about your products, request samples, place orders, and more.




2) Discover New Retailers 

Browse our Retailer tab to build your outreach list, discovering new channels by location, size, and more.


3) Track Your Orders In One Place

Navigate to the Orders tab to manage all incoming retailer orders, negotiate terms, and track the entire order lifecycle in one easy place. 



4) Get Included in Our Quarterly Retailer Pitches 

As a Landing subscriber, you’re eligible for inclusion in our retail team’s quarterly pitches to buyers at Ulta, Forever 21, and many more. Reach out to our team at for information on how to get included. 


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