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Features and Benefits

Pre-qualify for Clean Standards

Upload your ingredients to Clean PreCheck, a tool that instantly reveals which retailer’s clean standards you meet.

Unlock Training Publisher

Quickly and easily create training content for retailer sales staff. Coming soon: a first-of-its-kind app that rewards associates for learning about your brand.

Brand Marketplace Profile

Add your brand story, brand values, presentation and more to help buyers learn about your brand.

Unlimited Product Catalog

Add your products to shoppable pages so that buyers can discover them and place orders.

Receive Sample Requests from Buyers

Retailers reach out for samples of products they’re interested in ordering for their stores.

Message & Connect with Retailers

Find partners that align with your distribution goals and connect with them through the platform.

Launch at Retail

Connect with retailers and get your products into stores with no commission fees.

Appear in Sample Curations

Get featured in Landing curations, which are surfaced with buyers via our homepage, emails, and more.

Access Retailer Insights

Learn more about retailers, their buying terms, and what they’re looking for in brand partners.

Access Pitching Tools

Learn how to tailor your pitches to align with retailer interests and increase your chances for success.

Add Unlimited Users

Unlock access for your whole team so that everyone can find new retailers, create training materials and more.

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