BeautyFluent FAQs

How do beauty advisors access BeautyFluent?

BeautyFluent is available for free to download through the Apple App Store and Google Play. 


How do you assure that only Beauty Advisors have access to the app? 

At registration, beauty advisors must identify which retailer they work for and which location. This ensures that your training materials are only viewable to qualified beauty advisors who can support your brand on the sales floor. 


How large is the BeautyFluencer community? 

We currently have 2,000 BeautyFluencers and that number is increasing daily


How engaged is the BeautyFluencer community? 

Depending on the retailer and location, some BeautyFluencers are signing in multiple times per week and we see that number increase with each new brand that is available on the app. We will have more comprehensive engagement data when our next update goes live in the spring. 


How many brands are on the app? 

We currently have 12 brand subscribers, but expect to have more than 100 within the year. 


Which brands do you currently work with? 

BeautyStat, Patchology, Hanskin, COSRX, Tangle Teezer and Goodlight to name a few


Which retailers do you work with? 

Ulta and JCPenney are our Premium retailers. Our BeautyFluent Premium Subscriptions include more perks for your brand such as in-store support, direct contact with BAs and gratis program integration.


How is this different from the training systems that the stores provide? 

Most LMS systems in retail were not designed to support information retention. BeautyFluent caters to a variety of different learning styles, helps reinforce knowledge, and is always available for incremental learning. 


How many SKUs can brands add to the app? 

There is no limit. BeautyFluencers can learn about your entire product assortment and become brand experts. 


Who creates the product pages? 

Brands create and add custom content via our online platform, but we are always here to support you every step of the way. 


How much flexibility is there when creating content pages?

As training experts, we strategically created our templates to make learning easy, rewarding and engaging—while also being mindful of diverse learning styles. Our training templates are designed to be user friendly and maximize learning retention. 


When brands update their training pages, how long will it take for the app to reflect the changes? 

Updates go live to the app instantly. Just be sure to click “publish” and BAs will have the most current information on the sales floor. 


What is the time limit for video content? 

We do not have a time limit but we do require videos to be 500 MB or less in .mpeg or .wav format. 


How long does it take for a brand to set up their training pages and have their content ready to be used on the sales floor? 

This very much depends on how large your product assortment is, but we’ve found that most of our brands take about 2 weeks to complete the onboarding process. If you already have training content prepared, it will take less time. 


How frequently do brands receive training data? 

You have access to real-time information on your dashboard. We provide brands with anonymized information based on location and retailer. Simply log in and learn about the BeautyFluencers who are engaging with your brand.


Do stores ever encounter issues regarding Beauty Advisors using their personal devices to access BeautyFluent? 

Upon creation of a BeautyFluent account, BeautyFluencers provide consent that they are downloading and using this tool out of their own volition and it is not employer mandated. The relationship is between BeautyFluent and the beauty advisor which relieves brands and retailers of encountering a potential issue.

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