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Is Tech Killing Brick and Mortar?

How many times have you heard that tech will spell the demise of in-store shopping? From e-commerce to AR/AI try-on tools, every new technological advancement has sent forecasters predicting the end of brick-and-mortar as we know it. But those predictions haven’t panned out. If the recent retail renaissance has proven anything, it’s that brick-and-mortar will always have its place. 

Now, industry experts are examining how technology might complement retail rather than crush it. Here are 3 ways technology can strengthen the in-store buying experience: 


Targeted Matches = Fewer Returns: Returns can be a major headache–for retailers, brands and the planet. With the help of AR/AI tools on the sales floor, customers can narrow in on better shade matches and formulas for their concerns, resulting in lower return rates, higher customer satisfaction, and less waste. 


Instant Education = Faster Purchasing Decisions Today’s consumer loves to do their research–digging into product reviews, watching videos on TikTok and scanning ingredient education before buying. This means that many won’t actually leave a store with a product they’ve just discovered. By putting QR codes on packaging, brands can give customers instant access to the info they need to make a purchasing decision. 


Digital Training = Smarter In-Store Education Beauty advisors are the influencers that drive brand success every day on the sales floor. But many smaller brands can’t afford to reach every advisor at every retail door. This is where technology can help–training solutions like our new BeautyFluent app help brands reach and incentivize beauty advisors so they’re better equipped to recommend their products on the sales floor. 


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