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Train With The Pros

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On May 4, Landing CEO Sarah Chung was joined by Laura Garlitos, founder of Focus on Beauty Brands, and Rob Robinson, founder of BeautyStat Cosmetics, for an in-depth conversation on the best practices of retail training. 

Key Takeaways from the Webinar Include: 

Focus On Bestsellers

Don’t expect associates to remember every product in your assortment. Instead, focus on your best-selling products and 1-2 memorable features.

Lead with Storytelling

Weave in interesting stories about your products and brand. Repeat the stories every time you train to reinforce the narrative.

Remember Their Audience

Help sales associates know who to recommend your products by focusing on your target customer and their key skin concerns. 

Give Away Gratis

Allowing sales associates to try your product helps them recommend based on personal experience.

Have a Pro Strategy

Whether it’s a dedicated pro website, monthly Zoom meetings, or DMs addressing pro questions, be intentional about engaging with sales associates.

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