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4 Clean Beauty Insights You Need To Know

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So you want to break into the clean beauty category? Landing tapped clean beauty thought-leaders from both the brand and retailer side for their key learnings in the category. Here’s four essential insights you need to know.

Customers Demand Transparency in Standards

Keep it real! There is more skepticism than ever among consumers for greenwashed marketing and undefinable terms like toxin-free and chemical-free. They want to see real transparency from brands, not just marketing buzzwords.

Brands Need To Have Their Own Perspective

While looking at the standards of clean beauty retailers like Credo Beauty is a great place for new brands to start when coming up with their own clean standards, brands also need to have a strong perspective on the ingredients they use so they can clearly educate and build trust with their customers.

Clean Now Means More Than Ingredients

An overwhelming majority of young shoppers look for brands that are planet-friendly, sustainable and ethical. Clean beauty isn’t just about safe ingredients, but also ethical sourcing, sustainable packaging, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Make sure you have something to offer beyond just clean ingredients.

Retailers Want to See Brand Values On Packaging

Retailers see customers check out products in store, then whip out their phones to do more research on a brand’s clean standards before they buy. Retailers want to see this information on packaging–because the more info that customers can get from the package in the store, the more likely they are to buy there.

Landing’s Clean PreCheck tool is here to help! Available exclusively to premium subscribers, our tool cross-checks your product ingredients against clean retailer standards so you know who and what to pitch. Upgrade to premium in your Landing dashboard or get in touch with our team for more information.

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