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Reaching a Fresh Consumer Base

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Beloved k-beauty brand, COSRX, had consistently received organic influencer placements in the beauty category. Already having an established beauty influencer fan base eager to post COSRX, the brand was looking to reach a broader market and a fresh consumer base outside of traditional beauty and skincare enthusiasts. 

Landing established a year long influencer marketing strategy that focused on tapping into influencers that were novices to the brand and spanned various markets. Each month, Landing would seed two subsets of influencers: those new to the COSRX brand and new categories consisting of up-and-coming artists, health & wellness influencers, athletes, and more. In addition to reaching a wider consumer audience outside of the beauty space, the messaging honed on the ease and uncomplicated nature of COSRX’s products, that they’re made for anyone that is looking for effective, minimal ingredient, active skincare. 

COSRX’s newer SKUS doubled in sales as influencers shared the products. Throughout the six months expanding into new influencer categories, the brand’s hero SKUS have seen almost an 100% increase in new-to-brand customers.

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