LI Leaders Retailer Strategy 2 print

Expanding a Retail Footprint

K-Beauty mask brand, Leaders Cosmetics, was an early leader in South Korea and the U.S. It touted nationwide distribution in Ulta but seeked expansion in its retail channels. In 2016, Landing was hired by Leaders to develop a retail strategy and help expand its retail footprint.  

First, Landing sought to establish differentiation from the countless mask brands that had launched by this time. Landing focused on Leader’s development from esthetician clinics and its unique coconut gel mask technology. Since Leaders was already nationwide with a beauty retailer, Landing focused on expanding to regional beauty retailers, fashion retailers and department stores.

Landing’s efforts resulted in the brand’s distribution at 14 leading retailers including Nordstrom, Free People, Beauty Collection, Peninsula Beauty, Ricky’s NYC among others.


LI Leaders Retailer Strategy 1 print

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