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Landing International Partners with JCPenney

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We’re proud to be partnering with JCPenney on its new beauty retail experience: JCPenney Beauty. The hyper-inclusive shopping experience is driven by customer demand for minority-owned brands that meet the needs of every demographic. 

Coming this October, seventeen of Landing’s minority-owned, indie brands will launch into ten select JCPenney stores and online at, with rollouts  planned across all 600 remaining stores by 2023. 

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With 90% of Landing’s registered brands being minority-owned, the partnership embodies Landing’s and JCPenney’s shared mission of delivering inclusive, high-quality products to the beauty market. 

To build excitement and engagement with retail staff, Landing is utilizing its training tool to provide a single point of product knowledge to educate JCPenney’s in-store sales associates on the participating brands. Built on best practices shared by retail education experts, Landing’s training technology streamlines the creation of training materials so that indie brands save time and resources on their training programs, while still competing with established brand names for sales associate attention. 

The JCPenney and Landing partnership is powered by technology to bring best-in-class beauty products from the next generation of inclusive indie brands to customers across America.

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