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Century-Old Techniques Still Useful in 2021

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With the TikTok hashtag #GuaSha amassing over 658.4 million views, it seems as though everyones For You Page has become flooded with videos describing amazing results after using facial massage tools at home. But some may still be asking, what exactly are these tools, and why should I own one?  

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing massage utilizing a Gua Sha stone, like the SACHEU Beauty Stainless Steel Gua Sha. If used properly, these facial massages can provide benefits such as lymphatic drainage, migraine relief, facial depuffing, and jawline contouring. 


Drawing inspiration from these traditional techniques, the modern-day facial roller was born. A facial roller, like the SACHEU Beauty Stainless Steel Facial Roller, is used to give a less intensive massage with gentle results. These benefits include things like increased skincare penetration, reduced inflammation, and lymphatic drainage down the neck. 

When being able to experience such amazing benefits through a simple massage, it’s no wonder these beauty tools have managed to stand the test of time. Always make sure to pair your massage with a slip agent to prevent any unnecessary tugging on the skin! We love using serums or essences for our facial massages: Check out the complete kit here at SACHEU Beauty.

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