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The Big Changes Coming Soon to Landing International

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Since Landing launched in 2016, we’ve had a vision of using technology to level the retail playing field in the beauty industry. With this vision in our sights, we’ve spent the last two years developing some exciting updates to our platform and the way we do business with our brand partners. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the changes that are coming soon. 

We Now Have Three Exciting Tools

Since the launch of our original tool, Landing Marketplace, we’ve been hard at work developing new technology designed to simplify the retail experience for emerging brands. By identifying areas in which our brand partners lose time and resources, we develop targeted tools to help simplify traditionally costly processes. Our suite of tools now includes: 

  • Landing Marketplace: A B2B marketplace where you can connect with retailers and receive orders with zero transaction fees. 

  • Clean PreCheck: An ingredient analyzer that pre-qualifies your brand for clean retailer standards. 

  • Training Publisher: A digital education platform that makes it easy to create and send training materials to retail sales associates in minutes.

We’re Not Taking Commission: 

Our emerging brand partners don’t always enjoy the large margins of more established beauty brands that can order enormous quantities from their suppliers. When breaking into retail, sacrificing even a little bit of your margin can make a big difference. That’s why we’re discontinuing our commission fees and making the switch to just a flat annual fee for access to our platform. This makes our tools a more predictable part of your budget. 

We’re Introducing a Free Trial 

Haven’t had the chance to put all of our tools to the test? Now’s your chance. We’re rolling out a free 21-day trial to all brands interested in using Landing to take your retail strategy to the next level. When you start your trial, you get unlimited access to all of our tools–including Landing Marketplace, where you can start connecting with buyers from the moment you upload your product catalog. 

To get in touch with a member of our team to learn about how Landing can help your brand win at retail, contact

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