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Premium Perks for Every Brand Stage & Size

As the only tech platform made by beauty experts for the beauty and wellness industry, everything we do here at Landing HQ is designed to level the playing field for indie beauty brands–making it easier for you to succeed at retail and beyond. While many of our platform’s features are available with our free subscription, we’ve recently introduced a handful of exciting new features available only to our premium subscribers.

Designed to solve many of the growing pains that indie brands face, our premium features were made with your brand in mind. No matter your brand’s stage or size, our Premium Subscription unlocks tools that will help you take your business to the next level. Here’s a look at how our premium features can help your brand at its current stage.

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The Retail Warrior

Established brands with distribution at multiple retailers.

Your Problem: Reaching Sales Associates

Between limited training budgets and COVID restrictions, it can be hard to educate sales associates at every door of every retailer. Without this training connection, sales associates won’t point customers to your products, leading to lackluster sell-through. 

Our Solution: Landing’s Training Tool

Landing’s Training Tool instantly creates sales materials you can share with sales associates across the country via a simple link. Plus, test associate knowledge retention and reward engaged associates with gratis.

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The Rising Clean Beauty Star

Growing brands looking to expand into clean beauty retailers

Your Problem: Navigating Clean Standards

Because every clean retailer has slightly different standards, it can be hard to know who to pitch and which products are a match for which retailer. 

Our Solution: Clean PreCheck

Landing’s Clean PreCheck is a tool that instantly checks your product ingredients and matches them to retailer clean standards so you know exactly what to pitch. 

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The Showoff

Brands with more than 10 best-selling SKUs 

Your Problem: Limited Catalog on Your Free Subscription 

You’ve got a lot of SKUs for retailers to order, but your free Landing subscription limits you to just 10 and you don’t like to pick favorites 

Our Solution: Unlimited Product Catalog

Upgrade to premium and upload unlimited products to your catalog so retailers can order more SKUs from your assortment. 

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The Brand Boss

Brands transacting more than $40,000 on the Landing platform

Your Problem: Transaction Fees Cutting into Your Margin

You’re doing a lot of business on the Landing platform, but still paying a 10% transaction fee instead of the 5% you could be paying. 

Our Solution: Reduced Transaction Fees  

Upgrade to premium to pay just a 5% transaction fee, resulting in savings for every dollar you sell over $40,000 

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Upgrade to premium at any time on your Landing account or contact the team to learn more.

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