Landing’s Training Tool: A Retailer’s Guide


Training is essential to a brand’s success at retail. But for many indie brands, the large budgets required for a nationwide training team are often out of reach. Landing’s Training Tool is a digital-first solution designed by beauty experts to help indie brands bridge the gap–making it easier for retailers like you to take a chance on the emerging brands that customers are looking for. Here’s a look at just some of the ways our Training Tool helps boost sell-through. 

Helps Brands Create Better Training: With templates built by experts with years of education experience, Landing’s Training Tool makes it easier for brands to create successful training sheets that they can share with your associates via a simple link or QR code. 

Supplements In-Store Visits: When indie brands can’t reach every store for in-person training as often as they’d like, Landing’s Training Tool helps them fill the gaps so no store goes without the education they need to sell. 

Creates a Personal Connection: We encourage our brands to upload videos from their founders so sales associates feel like they’re making a connection with the visionary behind the brand. This has been shown to boost associates’ affinity to brands and make them more likely to remember key brand messaging points. 

Puts Education at Your Fingertips: Store associates can simply follow a shared link to view training materials, watch videos, and begin to build their knowledge. The tool also makes it easier for busy sales staff to complete training quickly on their smartphones, without taking hours off the sales floor to meet with a brand education representative. Plus, coming soon: an app that allows associates to simply scan a UPC code on a product to access training materials. 

Makes Changes Faster & Easier: Think a brand needs to work on their training sheets? Our Training Tool makes it easier for brands to update their materials instantly, which means you can see your feedback reflected more quickly. 

Coming Soon: Incentives for Sales Associates: Launching in 2022, Landing’s Training App will make training more fun and rewarding for associates with games and quizzes that allow them to earn points they can trade in for gratis. 

To see the full capabilities of the Landing Training Tool in action, contact our team for a demo. 

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