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How Kmoni Cosmetics Broke Into Retail

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Monica Robinson founded Kmoni Cosmetics in 2017 with the hopes of bringing natural and holistic bath and body products to people around the country. While her luxurious botanical formulas grew in popularity in her local community in North Carolina, it wasn’t until she started working with Landing International’s digital marketplace that her brand finally realized its incredible potential–breaking into major retailers like Kohl’s, ASOS, and JCPenney.

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Kmoni is one of 17 Landing brands that will launch into JCPenney’s new hyper-inclusive beauty concept this fall. To build excitement with sales associates, all participating brands will utilize Landing’s Training Tool, a digital application that makes it easy for brands to share training sheets and videos with retailer staff via a simple link. “The new training feature allows the retailer to learn more about our brand products so they can better educate their customers,” says Robinson. 

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Ready to see what Landing can do for your brand? 

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