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Discover Brands That Pre-Qualify Against Your Clean Beauty Standards


Clean beauty is a billion dollar global business, but can be a surprisingly difficult category for many brands to navigate. As a retailer, brand confusion can result in an inbox flooded with pitches from brands that don’t meet your clean standards. 

Created by beauty experts to simplify sourcing and discovery for clean retailers, Clean PreCheck is an intuitive online tool that automatically analyzes a brand’s product ingredients to see if they meet your clean standards. With Clean PreCheck, you can discover more brands that meet your standards and save time reviewing brands that don’t.

Save Time Reviewing Brands: One leading clean retailer we spoke with shared that 85-90% of the brands that apply for inclusion in their stores do not meet their clean standards. The result? Hours of time wasted reviewing brands that will never be selected as potential candidates. Clean PreCheck was designed to save retailers time before they invest effort in the review process. 

Discover Global Brands That Are Pre-Qualified: Clean PreCheck makes discovery easier for clean retailers. With hundreds of international and indie beauty brands on our platform, Clean PreCheck surfaces brands that you may otherwise never encounter–with the assurance that they have already been prequalified by our system.  

How It Works: 

(1) Create a retailer profile and input your banned ingredients

(2) Brands upload their product ingredients to their product catalog

(3) The system cross-checks the ingredients against your banned list

(4) The system then shows you which brands prequalify for your standards

To learn more about how Clean PreCheck can simplify your sourcing process and to see the tool in action, contact our team for a demo. 


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