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Clean Circle Reusable Bamboo Velour Skincare Pads

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About Clean Circle:

Founded in 2020, Clean Circle is on a mission to make sustainable, clean personal products accessible to everyone. Lena, Clean Circle’s founder, thoughtfully created eco-friendly replacements for single-use products in our bathroom we all use on a daily basis: makeup remover pads and skincare pads.

As a first-generation Chinese American whose parents worked in textile factories, Lena understood the intricacies of the textile industry. She made sure her products are of the highest quality and produced from certified clean fabrics in ethical factories. With Clean Circle, we all can be a little more sustainable in our everyday life.

Product Description:

Our 10-pack reusable bamboo velour skincare pads are the perfect sustainable alternative to single-use cotton rounds. These soft, luxurious gentle pads can be reused and washed regularly, and are perfect for applying toners and serums.

Includes an organic cotton drawstring pouch to be used for washing. Material: Bamboo velour

Available Now at JCPenney.

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