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Building Diversity One Tool At a Time


Here at Landing, we think emerging indie brands are the key to creating more diversity on all levels in beauty–diversity of founders, diversity of products, and diversity of customers served. By empowering smaller brands to grow with the same opportunities available to larger players, our platform makes it possible for indie brands to reach more beauty lovers–giving customers the ultimate say in which brands succeed in an industry historically dominated by large corporations. Here’s how our top three tools help level the playing field for indie, women-led and minority-owned brands. 

Supporting Brand Diversity with Landing Marketplace 

One of the biggest hurdles for small brands? Getting the attention of retail buyers. Landing Marketplace connects brands with 100+ of beauty’s leading buyers so smaller brands can overcome the awareness hurdle faster than ever before. Plus, once buyers and brands connect, Landing Marketplace provides operational and logistical support so that indie brands comply with retailer operations standards from day one. The result? Retailers are more likely to seek out indie brands through Landing Marketplace in the future, knowing that our system makes it easy for emerging brands to scale.

Supporting Product Diversity with Clean PreCheck 

Clean beauty continues to be one of the industry’s most important and fast-growing categories. But for many clean retailers, finding products that comply with their standards is no easy task. Rather than sifting through hundreds of products to find just a few that might meet their standards, clean retailers are more likely to turn to the same brands again and again–brands they know don’t contain any of their no-no ingredients. Clean PreCheck helps simplify the sourcing process for both clean brands and retailers: by surfacing pre-qualified products with clean retailers, Clean PreCheck makes it easier for buyers to bring in smaller clean brands–creating more product diversity on shelf. 

Supporting Customer Diversity with Landing Training Tool 

There’s no doubt that training is key to succeeding at retail. But many small brands can’t afford large training budgets to support every retail door. The result? Customers never discover indie brands on-shelf. And because indie brands are more likely to be minority-owned and serve a more diverse customer base, many customers never find the products that are truly made for them. By helping indie brands train sales associates as brand ambassadors, our Training Tool increases awareness so that a more diverse customer base can find the products that are best-suited to their needs. 

With indie beauty growing faster than ever before, the beauty industry is poised for some big changes. Our job at Landing? To create new technologies and learning-based innovations to usher in a new era of equity, diversity and growth for brands, retailers and customers alike. 

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