A Smarter Way To Train

The first rewards-based training app that helps brands empower retail beauty advisors to flex their influence on the sales floor.
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Brand Benefits

Boost Sell-Through from Day One at Retail
Reach Every Door When You Can’t Visit in Person
Train at a Fraction of the Cost of Hiring Brand Trainers
Assess Your Program’s ROI with Data
Target Your Gratis Programs to Reward Engaged Beauty Advisors


Training Templates
Save resources by creating training materials in seconds
Barcode Scanning
Help beauty advisors learn on the spot by putting training at their fingertips
Direct Messaging with Beauty Advisors
Discover what's working in stores so you can sharpen your strategies
A Diverse Community of Retail Influencers
Build brand awareness by cultivating legitimate advocates on the sales floor
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Quizzes to Boost Content Retention
Help BAs remember your key training points with fun & engaging quizzes
Integrated Gratis Programs
Reward BAs for learning about your brand with points they can trade in for gratis.
Smarter Data for Smarter Decisions
Measure training results with data that tracks BA engagement and sales

What You Get When You Sign Up for BeautyFluent

Sell-In Tools
Build Your Product Catalog
Featured on Landing Marketplace
Get Highlighted in Our Retailer Pitches
BeautyFluent Sell-Through Tools
Build Training Content with BeautyFluent Online
Use BeautyFluent Mobile in Your Training
Get Discovered by Beauty Advisors at Preferred Retailers
Direct Message BAs at Your Stores
Field Support by BeautyFluent Team
Data & Analytics On BeautyFluent Usage at Your Stores

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