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See BeautyFluent In Action

BeautyFluent, powered by Landing International, is the first rewards-based training app that helps brands empower retail beauty advisors to flex their influence on the sales floor. Our app makes it simple for beauty advisors to discover your product training in 3 easy ways. 



Scan to Learn 

  1. Beauty advisor scans your product barcode
  2. Instant access to a cheat sheet with the top benefits, demo tips & videos. 
  3. BA shares selling points with the customer in real time. 


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Search by Product, Brand or Curation:

Makes it easy for BAs to discover by searching for a brand, product name, or common category like clean beauty or K-Beauty

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Dupes Feature:

Recommends dupes for products not available at JCPenney Beauty

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Coming Soon: Learn & Earn 

Integrated rewards feature reinforces education, ties gratis to learning, and makes training more gratifying for BAs. 


Want to learn more about training with BeautyFluent? Contact our team at



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