Smarter Training Made Simple

An all-in-one tool that makes it easier than ever to reach retail sales associates

Support Retail Sales

By turning retail sales associates into your best brand advocates.
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Create More Effective Training Materials

With templates created by experts to maximize sales associate retention.
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Save Thousands On Training Budgets

With digital-first education that makes it easy to reach associates at every store.
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How it works

Create Training Sheets with most information automatically imported from your product catalog
Add Videos, Demo Tips and More so sales associates know how to sell your product
Share Training Sheets with retailers via a simple link or QR code
Coming Soon: Rewards-based education app that incentivizes associates to learn about your brand

Why Training?

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Building advocacy among retail sales associates is one of the most effective sales tools available to beauty brands.

Indie brands lack the large budgets needed to employ a nationwide training team, leaving them unable to capitalize on this key opportunity.

Sales associates are incentivized to push products they’ve been trained on-giving larger corporate brands the advantage.

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