Blithe Inbetween Instant Glowing Cream, $41

This luminous priming cream preps your skin for makeup and shields against pollution in a single step. Squalane helps reinforce the moisture barrier while niacinamide provides antioxidant protection against aging smog and irritating particulates.

Key Benefits:
● Reinforces moisture barrier & primes for makeup application
● Imparts a very subtle pink luminosity that enlivens dull skin
● Wards off aging & irritating free radicals with antioxidants

Key Ingredients:
● Squalane: A lightweight oil similar to the skin’s natural oils that helps reinforce the moisture barrier and keep skin supple.
● Niacinamide: Also known as vitamin B3, this powerful antioxidant helps fight free radicals, balance oil production, and visibly brighten the look of dark spots.
● Ceramide NP: A moisturizing fat that shields the skin from external irritants and replenishes hydration.

How to Use: Use a pea sized amount all over the face before makeup to add a luminous glow.