Bella Monster Pore Out Solution Pad, $23

Saturated with a toning serum made with moisturizing watermelon seed oil, these embossed pads help clarify dirty pores by gently exfoliating and removing skin waste, leaving your face clean, bright, and fresh.

Key Ingredients
Watermelon Seed Oil: A nutrient-rich plant oil that moisturizes, tones, and refreshes skin.
Xylitol: A sugar alcohol that boosts skin moisture and supports collagen production.

How to Use: After cleansing and drying the face, gently swipe the pad across the skin, avoiding the eye area. Gently tap the skin to increase absorption. Replace the lid tightly after each use.

About Bella Monster:
Specializing in ingredient-focused skincare, Bella Monster is a K-Beauty leader in unconventional skincare trends. From creams powered by salmon DNA to a carrot-based toning pad, the brand continues to innovate effective and exciting solutions focused around the power of a single ingredient.