BRTC Salmon Fillex Volume Eye Cream, $40

This firming eye cream contains 55% salmon egg extract plus salmon oil nutrient capsules that burst on contact, nourishing dry skin around the eyes. Salmon egg’s brightening properties help counteract the appearance of under-eye circles and darkness.

Key Ingredients:
Salmon Egg Extract: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, delays skin aging, and improves skin texture by boosting hydration.

How to Use:
Apply a pea-sized amount to the under eye area, gently tapping with your ring finger to encourage absorption.

About BRTC:
BRTC is a derma-technology brand led by in-depth research and skin science. Relying on a team of Korea’s best skin specialists and researchers, BRTC creates patented formulas designed to solve a variety of skin issues for all skin types.