K-Beauty Sidekicks
Fun Tools & Applications

Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask, $37
This serum-like mask, infused with real rose petals, is designed to replenish lost moisture and rejuvenate skin overnight. It is paired with a silicone brush that can be used to effortlessly and hygienically apply any mask, and leaves your face glowing in the morning.

LaMuse My Calming Cooler, $30
Too much time in the sun? Feeling puffy? After 1-3 hours in the freezer or refrigerator, My Calming Cooler soothes inflamed, puffy, red, or sunburned skin, when paired with your favorite gel or moisturizer.

RiRe All Kill Black Peeling Pad, $8
Designed to exfoliate skin and get rid of blackheads, this double sided peeling pad easily slips onto your fingers and uses black bean, black sesame, and black rice extracts to dislodge dirt and oil that’s trapped within your pores.

Milimage Face Contour Cealer (+ Magnetic Comb and Mirror Compact), $18 + $5
Packed in a sleek and slim compact, this quad is perfect for those always on the move! The Milimage Face Contour Cealer includes a cream highlighter, concealer, blush, and contour, along with a mirror and comb attachment that magnetically clicks onto any Milimage compact.

KLAVUU City Defense Anti Dust Calm Cleansing Pad, $22
Perfect for removing makeup and soothing skin after a long day, this anti-pollution double-sided cleansing pad gently massages skin with one side and removes dead skin cells with the other.