Summer Essentials
Whether you’re headed to the beach or soaking up the rays poolside, these cooling and SPF products will keep your skin, hair, and body fresh and protected against UV damage.

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50, $16
Combining the best of a sunscreen and a soothing post-sun treatment, this super silky SPF from COSRX cools and restores the skin’s moisture barrier as it shields the skin against damaging UV rays.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream, $24
Designed to rapidly soothe sensitivity caused by sun exposure, this featherweight blue cream uses the power of guaiazulene—a natural compound derived from chamomile—to instantly calm and quench the skin.

COSRX Two-In-One Poreless Power Liquid, $22
Higher temps mean bigger pores. Shrink them right up with this essence/toner hybrid infused with exfoliating BHAs and pore-minimizing tannin.

Suntique Cica Sunstick, $20
Perfect for re-applying your sunscreen when you’re on the go, this non-greasy SPF stick protects the skin without any white cast while bamboo, honeysuckle, and lavender extracts soothe and nourish.

YURICA Hair Shield, $22
Designed to keep your blowout intact even during hot and humid weather, Yurica Hair Shield uses polymer technology to protect your hair from the sun as it keeps your hair smooth, in-place, and frizz-free.

UNPA Good Day Kit, $12
Perfect for refreshing your skin between the beach and dinner, this simple two-step kit contains a portable cleansing pad to remove oil and SPF, plus a moisture pad to instantly calm and hydrate tired post-sun skin.

SKINRx LAB Marine Moisture Deep Essence, $28
Save your skin with the power of the sea! Made with 88% mineral-rich deep sea water, this super soothing essence absorbs quickly into the skin, delivering ultra-hydrating nutrients and marine collagen without any stickiness or greasiness.

Medius Water Balm SOS Mask, $15
Sunburned skin? Soothe it STAT with this lyocell sheet mask infused with creamy water balm essence. Microcell hyaluronic acid instantly replenishes lost hydration while eucalyptus provides a burst of coolness that instantly calms stressed skin.