Packed with skin-repairing ceramides, this silky balm imparts a hint of berry stain as it moisturizes and protects your lips from chapping. Free of parabens and mineral oil, this balm harnesses the power of madecassoside—a natural herbal compound—to soothe irritation.

• Smooths and moisturizes dry skin
• Protects your lips from chapping and irritation
• Imparts a hint of berry stain

How to Use:
Apply directly to lips as often as needed.

SKINRX LAB the brainchild of one of Korea’s most popular online beauty stores. Researching thousands of product reviews to learn what their customers craved most, SKINRx LAB partnered with K-Beauty’s brightest cosmetic chemists to create a line of unfussyproducts packed with the best stuff for your skin. Their philosophy is simple: better basics made with better ingredients for better skin.