Harnessing the detoxifying power of oil and clay, this dual chamber cleanser contains a black clay cleanser and a deep pore cleansing oil in one bottle. When combined, the two formulas dislodge pore debris and absorb excess oil, leaving your skin moist, clear, and smooth. You can also customize the oil to clay ratio based on your daily skin needs!

- Royal jelly sap contains vitamin B and natural antibiotic properties, which provide skin-healing benefits as well as nutrients.
- Purslane extract provides antioxidant protection and promotes a youthful glow.
- Jasmine flower extract evens out discoloration and rejuvenates dry skin.
- Damask rose tightens and purifies pores and smooths skin texture.

1. Pump out needed amount of the clay and oil on to your palm based on your skin needs.
2. Mixed the two together and gently apply on to your skin as a cleansing step.
3. Massage the product onto the skin and rinse.

To customize your cleanse, try these combinations:
• For morning: Mix two pumps oil and 1 pump clay.
• For makeup removal: Use three pumps oil and no clay to melt away makeup.
• For detoxification & exfoliation: Use three pumps clay to exfoliate.
• For deep cleansing: To balance pores and deep clean skin, use one pump oil and two pumps clay.