Channel your creativity with Bella Monster Crayon Color Blender Set! This set features three base shades and three blender shades that you can mix together to customize the unique lip color of your dreams. The red, coral, and pink base shades can be lightened, deepened, and cooled with one of three blender shades: white, black and lilac. It’s the perfect way to get endless lip colors from just 6 lip crayons.

Bella Monster Lip Crayons not only provide vivid and long-lasting wear, but also act as a lipstick, tint, and lip balm in one. With the combination of jojoba oil and shea butter, your lips will stay vibrant and soft all day.

How to use:

1. Apply the base color of choice onto the lips.
2. Customize the color by applying the blender shade on top of the base color.
3. Blend the colors together by using your ring finger or a lip brush.


1. Create different shades using the “Color Blending Recipe” guide on the box.
2. Darken your red to burgundy by adding the black blender color. Soften your coral to nude by adding the white and sweeten up your pink by adding the lilac (and more!).
3. Create a lip gradient effect by applying one shade on the inner lip area and another shade on the outer lip area. (i.e. apply the coral shade onto the inner lip and the pink shade on to the outer lip for the two-tone lip effect popular in Korea).
4. Blend two shades on the back of your hand and apply to cheeks for a custom flush.