Did you take your vitamins today? This brightening sleeping mask contains 10 essential vitamins to restore your skin health while you snooze. Formulated with lightweight seabuckthorn oil to replenish skin moisture, this antioxidant mask contains tiny vitamin E capsules that burst on contact with your skin, delivering a fresh dose of antioxidant protection with each use.

- Restores skin health while you sleep
- Replenishes skin moisture
- Protects skin from free radicals

After washing and toning your face, apply a generous amount to clean skin. Do not rinse. In the morning, gently wash with warm water.

BRTC is a derma-technology brand led by in-depth research and skin science. Relying on a team of Korea’s best skin specialists and researchers, BRTC creates patented formulas designed to solve a variety of skin issues for all skin types.