Going somewhere? From the perfect on-the-go cleanser to convenient single-use masks, this month’s buyer box has your skincare needs covered while you’re en route.

Labotica Eye and Lip Remover, $6
Remove stubborn eye makeup and long-wearing lipstick with these gentle, targeted cleansing wipes. Ideal for long flights or late-night cleansing, these makeup-removing wonders use botanical ingredients like green tea, apple extract, and lavender to moisturize and pamper skin as they cleanse.

Daily Skin One Step Oil Cleansing Stick, $16
Meet the perfect carry-on cleanser. This slim stick is a cleansing balm and milky cleanser in one perfectly portable package. Enriched with luscious mango seed butter, conditioning argan oil, and lightweight sunflower oil, Daily Skin One Step Oil Cleansing Stick immediately melts stubborn makeup, transforming into a lightweight cleansing milk when used with water.

Back to Iceland Cleansing Water, $6
Wipe away impurities with this balancing facial water. Designed to dissolve excess makeup, dirt and oil, this cooling liquid contains rare botanical ingredients including soothing Iceland Moss Extract and resurfacing papaya enzymes. It effectively cleanses and purifies skin, leaving it clean, soft, and refreshed.

Keep Cool and Let Shine Mask, $5
Need a little brightening boost? This cooling sheet mask contains pearl extract to instantly brighten your skin while reinforcing its youthful elasticity and collagen. The essence-soaked mask is rich in rejuvenating vitamins and natural plant-based antioxidants from grapefruit, green tea, and schizandra berry.

Keep Cool and Drink Ocean Mask, $5
Dive in! Like a swim in the sea, this mineral-rich face mask nourishes skin with powerful age-delaying nutrients. The essence-soaked mask contains deep sea water to restore and rejuvenate tired skin, plus astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, to help visibly improve fine lines, dark spots, and signs of sun damage.

Keep Cool and Soothe Yourself, $5
Feeling sensitive mid-flight? This cooling face mask instantly calms angry skin with the anti-redness power of centella asiatica—an herbal remedy used for centuries to speed skin healing and restore skin health. Soaked in soothing essence, this mask also contains Korean red pine, ginger, and cypress extracts to defend skin against irritating pollutants and free radicals.

PureHeal’s Propolis 80 Sleeping Pack, $4
Rest easy with this single use serving of PureHeal’s bestselling Propolis 80 Sleeping Pack. Formulated with 80% pure propolis extract, this intensive hydrating mask nourishes your skin with vitamins and antioxidants while you sleep. Brightening niacinamide illuminates tired skin while hyaluronic acid quenches dryness and irritation.

PureHeal’s Ginseng Berry 80 Overnight Mask, $4
Fretting over fine lines? Enriched with an unprecedented 80% concentration of ginseng berry extract, this creamy, pink overnight mask replenishes skin with firming and tightening benefits while you sleep. Producing fruit only once every few years, ginseng berry contains powerful saponins and antioxidants that fight signs of aging. The juice is extracted at low heat and fermented to boost the natural anti-aging properties of the plant. Used regularly, this innovative jelly cream mask brightens, anti-ages, firms, and softens.

PureHeal’s Centella 65 Green Tea Pack, $4
Suffering from a post-flight breakout? Help your skin chill out and slather on this single-serving face mask when you land. Packed with healing centella extract and whole green tea leaves, this skin-soothing mask contains a base of pure kaolin clay to remove impurities and sebum as it calms breakouts.

PureHeal’s Volcanic Pore Tightening Mask, $4
The perfect on-the-go spot treatment for blackheads and clogged pores, this detoxifying clay mask contains volcanic lava powder to absorb sebum, exfoliate, and brighten skin. Two types of oil-balancing clay cleanse the pores of sebum and build-up while grapeseed oil hydrates and renews skin moisture. Ideal for oily and combination skin types, this creamy pack tightens pores without drying out sensitive skin.

BRTC Vitalizer Whitening Sleeping Pack, $18
Did you take your vitamins today? This brightening sleeping mask contains 10 essential vitamins to restore your skin health while you snooze. Formulated with lightweight seabuckthorn oil to restore skin moisture, this antioxidant mask contains tiny vitamin E capsules that burst on contact with your skin, delivering a fresh dose of antioxidant protection with each use.

O.R.G Mineral Peel Face, $5
The first of its kind, O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face is a unique spray-on exfoliant that instantly removes dermal debris, dead skin, and pore impurities. Natural enzymes soften dead skin and stubborn makeup while plant extracts like milk thistle and licorice root brighten skin and diminish dark spots, leaving skin radiant, clean, and healthy.

Sampar Addict French Rose Lip Oil, $14
Dry airplane air is no match for this luscious lip oil. This glossy lip moisturizer hydrates, nourishes, and repairs chapped lips. Created with a nurturing cocktail of jojoba, meadowfoam and argan oil, this subtle pink gloss soothes and enhances lips without stickiness. Aromatic rose oil provides a kiss of sweet scent.