Look no further for a solution for those annoying blackheads on your nose. Brown Lab’s Blackheads All Clear Kit is a five-part pack that includes a sebum-softening mask, a cacao-infused pore strip, an extracting swab, a cleansing mitt, and a soothing mask. Together, these five steps gently remove blackheads while tightening pores to prevent future pore congestion.

• Softens stubborn blackheads and sebum
• Gently extracts blackheads and lifts dead skin cells
• Antioxidants protect tender pores from free radicals
• Aloe vera soothes skin after extraction
• Centella asiatica controls oil and prevents future blackheads

• Step One: Soften blackheads with the Duvet Nose pack. Place the white nose pack onto clean skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Do not rinse.
• Step Two: Apply the Cacao Peel-Off Strip to damp skin. Leave it on until it has dried completely. Gently peel it off.
• Step Three: Remove any remaining blackheads by gently pressing the extractor end of the swab against skin. Use the antibacterial cotton swab to wipe away sebum.
• Step Four: Moisten the cleansing mitt and use it to gently massage away any lingering dead skin or sebum.
• Step Five: Place the soothing bio-cellulose mask onto your nose and leave it on for 10 minutes to soothe skin. Remove the mask and massage the excess serum into the skin until it has completely absorbed.

ABOUT Brown Lab:
Made with mild yet effective ingredients, Brown Lab products provide real results for oily, troubled, and acne-prone skin.