The silky and fast-absorbing moisturizer has arrived. LabNo Maple Collagen Cream has a gel-like consistency, yet is rich enough to store moisture into your skin. This product has 0% suspected harmful ingredients, and can be used on everyone from babies to pregnant mothers. That being said, the multi-tasking aspect of this product is a long list. Nonetheless, the best part is the fact that you can use this cream not only on your face, but also around the eyes area, as it is gentle and mild enough and provide the benefits that your eye cream needs.

As a moisturizer, apply needed amount to a your face and neck in the morning and night. Use this cream as the last step of your skincare routine (or before last if you use sunscreen or sleeping mask). To use as an eye cream, gently tap the moisturizer under your eyes area.

LabNo is a newly established brand that produces all their products with no traces of harmful ingredients. They pride themselves in delivering products you can trust, as they don’t say “yes” to just any ingredients. The brand carefully analyzed and tested products free of 14 sensitizing ingredients.

LabNo Maple Collagen Cream is filled with powerful and innovative 4 Season Protein Complex that helps enhance the skin barriers. Maple Collagen has a skin-like-lipid that penetrates deep inside the skin and supplies proteins that restore skin firmness and prevent aging. The extract from maple trees contains polyphenol, which helps eliminate dead skin cells, and maintains smooth skin. Maple sap is also loaded with variety of revitalizing nutrients such as amino peptide and calcium. Because of its smaller size molecules, Maple sap also has a higher level of absorption.