Hydrogel eye patch, or also known as “mask for your eyes” is a popular item in Korea. The hydrogel type mask is different from your typical sheet mask. Not only it sticks on to your face better, the hydrogel mask also comes in a gel-like texture. It is made especially for the thin and sensitive eye area. Plus, this product can be used around the mouth area as well.

These hydrogel patches can be use while you are working, after work, before bed, or anytime you need the extra nutrients and moisture for your eye areas. Use a spatula to pick up the eye patches and place one each directly under your eyes. If you want to include this in your skincare routine, use it twice or three times a week before or after you apply your essence and leave it on for 20-30 minutes and gently pat the rest of the essence into your skin.

PureHeal’s is a natural brand in pursuit of the ideal balance of nature and science. By using science in combination with natural ingredients, PureHeals is able to prioritize concerns of sensitive skin and produce products with nature’s power for consumers. 

Eye patches are rich in nutrients as it is an essence-soaked mask. The star ingredient in this product is the Ginseng Berry, the red fruit of the Ginseng Plant, which is a potent antioxidant ingredient. Other benefits include the tightening, firming, and collagen boosting. Hence, not only it is moisturizing, it also serves as prevention for sagging and wrinkling skin.