Like the name, MadeCera Essence Toner, this gem is an essence and toner in one! Known as the fourth and the fifth steps in the 10 steps skincare routine, both toner and essence play important roles in repairing skin barrier and boosting skin regeneration. Toner preps your skin barrier and clears out any leftover impurities off your skin. Meanwhile, the famous fifth step, the essence, not only adds moisture but also speeds up the cell turnover process for younger looking skin. This step is clearly the life of Korean skincare routine since the cell turnover process takes much longer as we age.

To use as toner, swiping the product on with a cotton pad and to use as essence, gently pat the fluid into your skin with your fingertips!

SKINRx LAB is dedicated to creating essential and reparative skincare for the busy modern individual. Using high concentrations of active ingredients such as ceramide, SKINRx develops beauty products that treat and restore damaged and stressed skin.

Enriched with powerful combination of naturally fermented ingredients and anti-inflammatory turmeric, this cushiony fluid treats your skin to instant hydration. There are several moisturizing elements such as the naturally fermented ceramides. Environmental factors and aging can lower your skin’s natural production of ceramide, hence using ceramide-infused essence toner will help repair skin barrier and prevent skin dehydration. Included is a vitamin called Niacinamide. It reduces the appearance of redness, uneven tone, as well as brightens and firms the skin. Finally, another star ingredient is the ancient herbal remedy Madecassoside. This ingredient provides anti-aging benefits and soothes irritation, and enhances your youthful glow.