Whamisa has long been one of our favorite Korean skincare brands thanks to its rigorous commitment to natural and organic ingredients. It has gained a cult following of loyal customers in the U.S. and abroad. From the refreshing botanical ingredients to the gentle yet powerful results, Whamisa provides plenty to love for the eco-friendly and chemical-conscious customer. Rather than simply using plain plant extracts, Whamisa relies on ancient fermentation techniques to enhance its ingredients’ antioxidant properties. This focus on fermentation is the key to the products’ remarkable results.

About Whamisa

Whamisa, Korea’s leading organic skincare line, harnesses the powerful benefits of fermentation to nourish and hydrate skin. Whamisa is known in Korea and abroad for time-tested formulations presented with a modern twist. Founded in 2001, the brand features organic, fermented ingredients and specializes in products infused with an extensive range of botanical extracts.

How It’s Different

Whamisa is the only Asian brand that meets France and Germany’s stringent eco-certification standards. Unlike many brands that rely on water as the inexpensive base for their formulas, Whamisa uses hydrating organic botanicals like pure aloe vera and fermented chrysanthemum extract to create potent, undiluted formulas. All Whamisa products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, petrochemical- free and cruelty-free. They also contain no silicone, mineral oil or artificial dyes

Our Top Product Picks:

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