Still or sparkling? From creams infused with carbonated water to foaming face cleansers, K-Beauty is becoming a bubble world! In Korea, carbonated mineral water is appreciated for its cleansing and balancing properties. The theory goes that all those tiny bubbles act like fizzy pressure washers for your pores, disrupting trapped sebum, dirt, and oil. But how to capture all those precious pore-washers in a beauty product? Read on for a few of our favorite foamy formats.

Bubble Packs:

Oily skin in need of an extra deep clean? Reach for a Bubble Pack, a lightweight gel mask that foams once it’s applied to the skin to give it a fresh feeling. These masks take only 5-10 minutes to fully foam. Afterwards, just rinse them off and apply toner as usual. Bonus: look for one infused with sparkling mineral water like Botanic Farm’s Mineral Pop Sparkling Bubble Pack to give your skin a dose of minerals as well as bubbles.

Oxygen Cleansers:

Like Bubble Packs, oxygen cleansers use the power of tiny bubbles to get your skin really clean. Just apply them to the skin and wait a few minutes for them to fully transform into a foamy mousse. As you wait, all those tiny bubbles purify pores without drying out sensitive skin types. Our favorite versions, such as O.R.G.’s Oxygen Cleanser, are infused with actives ingredients like collagen to plump and firm skin.

Foaming Sheet Masks:

For skin in need of a serious detox, foaming sheet masks combine the hydrating benefits of a regular sheet mask with the detoxifying benefits of a bubble pack. These masks apply like a standard sheet mask and bubble up after a few minutes, leaving skin soft and super clean.

Bubble Creams:

While bubble creams don’t foam in the same way as their effervescent partner products, they do pack the same purifying punch plus moisturizing benefits. Hydrators like Botanic Farm’s Mineral Pop Sparkling Cream contain a base of carbonated mineral water and fruit extracts to visibly brighten and smooth the skin.

Sparkling Water Face Powders:

For those looking to recreate the benefits of the carbonated water facials beloved in Japan and Korea, there are sparkling water face powders. Just sprinkle a packet of powder into a bowl of water and watch as the water is transformed into a bubbly treatment. Use it to wash your face, or hold your breath submerge your face in the liquid for a minute and let the bubbles go to work on pore congestion. Infused with active ingredients, these powders can also include brightening and hydrating benefits.