Masks are a vital skincare step used several times a week in the Korean skincare regime to restore and revive skin with targeted active ingredients. American women are finally getting behind these affordable skincare supplements. And thanks to Korean innovation, there are now plenty of options beyond the standard sheet mask to deep treat skin.

Sheet Masks

From cotton to hydrogel to algae, sheet masks now come in a variety of materials soaked in serum to quench skin with active ingredients. Whether you’re in search of something to brighten, minimize pores or treat skin with an anti-aging cocktail of nutrients, sheet masks are a great way to instantly improve skin health. Sheet masks generally include hydrating ingredients designed to infuse skin with moisture, making them the ideal step before applying serum and moisturizer.

Sleeping Masks

Make your sleep work for you! Called “sleeping packs” in Korea, these masks are lightweight gel creams that are applied just before bed to nurture and hydrate skin while you snooze. Sleeping masks enhance your skin’s nighttime repair processes, leaving you with plumper and brighter skin when you wake up.

Modeling Masks

One of K-Beauty’s latest innovations, modeling masks are a creamy mixture that, once applied on the face, firms into a hydrating, rubber-like gel that you can easily peel off. Modeling masks usually require a little DIY - mixing an algae-based powder with either H20 or an active-infused cream or serum. As the mask dries into its rubbery state, it creates a moisture-locking barrier which helps to hydrate, calm and plump skin.

Bubble Masks

Possibly the most entertaining of masks, bubble masks gently foam when applied to the skin to dislodge stubborn pore impurities and boost the skin’s natural radiance. Available in a variety of formats including foaming sheet masks and gels, these masks are especially suited to dull and oily types seeking clean, bright, hydrated skin.

Peel-Off Masks

Peel-off masks and pore strips are an effective way to rid skin of dead cells, blackheads, and pore blockages. Next generation K-Beauty versions tend to be gentler than the formulations of old, with soothing ingredients designed to minimize redness and irritation. Many come with interesting before and after steps to help soften and tighten pores after the peel off.